Public Speaking & Presentation

Public Speaking and Media are so vitally important these days that you, your company and you brand need a professional voice; which is why we run seminars and one 2 one sessions to train you in public speaking and media skills to have your own voice.

Remember if you want to have influence and impact, if you want to win those tenders, if you want to sell on line or through the media, then these are skills that you really need to master and with the help of Well Voiced have no need to fear.

You will learn the importance of structure, breathing, body language and vocal techniques, as well as other ‘trade secrets’ gleaned from over 30 years in theatre and TV that will put you in the top percentage of public speakers.

This is especially useful for CEO’s and MD’s having to present to the rest of the company, you will learn how to ignite and inspire your workforce .

This is a totally safe and none judgemental environment – “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning.”

Richard is a great believer in getting people involved “You only really learn public speaking by doing it”. Public speaking is a physical thing, so you need to warm up, phsyc up and get involved.

You will also learn

– how to turn nerves into amazing positive energy

– how to project your voice and therefore your message with clarity and with ease

– how to utilise the different learning types to your advantage

– why story telling is the key to communication


“Totally engage with your audience”